#1 Restarting = Realigning

Following my curiosity to live the most authentic life possible

A restart means a realignment with my values

I’m in a curious place in life — I’m essentially “restarting” my career. I recently made the decision to start my own consulting business and be my own boss. While it’s the scariest thing I’ve done in a long time, I’ve also realized over the last month that this is one of the most values aligned things I’ve ever done. Freedom is one of my top personal values and there is no greater freedom than working for yourself.

Freedom always comes with a cost. As children we think that adulthood is the ultimate in freedom. As adults, we learn that adulthood is often more about stress and anxiety than about freedom.

While I loved the 25 year career I built working in educational institutions, I also recognize that where I was and how I was living was not as aligned with my values as it could be when I look at the sum of all of my values:

  • Freedom,
  • Authenticity
  • Growth
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Creativity

Are you clear on your values? If not, devote some time over the next month or two to thinking about the top 3–5 (yes, I have 6) words, phrases, or ideas that speak to you about what is most important in life. Need some help, here are three resources I have referred to over the years when I want to check in with my values — something I do once a year as a part of my annual planning process.

In Grubman’s article she makes a distinction between your work values and your overall values. I don’t actually think your work values and your personal values should be different. That said, if your workplace has values (often they are a part of a strategic plan document), find out what they are. Once you find them, check in on whether you think you can live them in your work each day — that is does the work environment you are in allow you to live out these values? It’s also critical that you decide where your values and those of your workplace align and where collisions are likely. If there is a collision, which set of values will win and are you in a place to deal with the possible repercussions of having to put your personal values ahead of those of your workplace? I had many times over the course of my career where my workplace and the things I was being asked to do in it were not living up to the stated organizational values. I actually think this happens far more often than your own values not actually being in alignment with company values. This is what makes values tricky.

Now, as an entrepreneur, I realize that if I ever bring another employee or employees into my company that I will want to spend time with them, both in the selection process and in the onboarding process of making sure that we have a shared understanding of what the value words I have at that time mean to me — possibly developing values statements or something more substantive than a single word.

I’d love to know how you define your values or if you found this article helpful in moving you to take some action on living a more authentic, values aligned life. Just hit reply and let me know.

What I’ve Published This Week

I’m committing to writing daily which will lead to more publishing — whether that be articles, tweet threads, videos or other things I’ve not even thought of yet. Writing is how I think. Here are the most important things I hit publish on this week.

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Come Learn With Me

Join me in the March 2022 cohort of Ship 30 for 30

Learning is my #1 strength. I love to learn. I’m going to go through Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole’s Ship 30 for 30 again in March. This terrific course is one I’ve actually done a few times. I get new insights out of it each and every time I do it. Care to join me? Use this link and get $50 off.

The VERY BEST THING about Ship 30 for 30 has nothing to do with writing. The community around this course is incredible and it gets better with each and every cohort.


The Olympics — regardless of whether winter or summer — are one of my favorite diversions. I still barely understand the sport of Curling but I find it so much fun to have on in the background as I go about my day.

For the 2022 Winter Olympics, a stand out from a fashion perspective has been U.S. Olympic Curler Matt Hamilton whose custom Nikes are in response to a quip that he would wear shoes bright enough to be seen from outer space. In this video, Hamilton — pre fundraising stache and locks — explains curling with Legos.

Matt Hamilton Explains Curling with Legos — NBC 7 San Diegowww.nbcsandiego.com
Matt Hamilton breaks down how curling works with Legos.



I am a world traveler, part-time road warrior, and home body all wrapped up in one gadget-loving package. Writer, photographer, chef, and aspiring artist.

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Kara Monroe

I am a world traveler, part-time road warrior, and home body all wrapped up in one gadget-loving package. Writer, photographer, chef, and aspiring artist.