Grow intentionally in the new year with this planning routine

For many years, my new year is grounded in an annual ritual of dreaming, goal setting, and planning. This was ever more important to me in the transition from 2021 to 2022 as my mom passed away on January 3, 2021 and I was never truly able to make space in 2021 for that routine. I had a sense of lost-ness all year as a result of both grief and the lack of a solid foundation that I build through this ritual.

Over the next 30 days, I’ll be talking in great detail about each of these pieces and sharing loads of resources and tips I’ve learned through repeating these processes for more than a decade. Today, I’m sharing a broad overview of this process.

  • Choose a word for the year.
  • Reflect on the year that just ended. Thank the year for the lessons it has taught you. Say good-bye to the negative aspects of the year and celebrate the positive aspects again.
  • Look ahead with anticipation to the new year. Document your dreams. Set goals if they call to you.
  • Picture the new year in your life as a whole and anticipate the broader future. Again, document your dreams and set goals if they call to you.
  • Clean anything out of the pantry and refrigerator which you no longer want or that is expired.

What are your annual rituals?

Do you do them at the New Year or at some other point in time?

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Kara Monroe

Kara Monroe


I am a world traveler, part-time road warrior, and home body all wrapped up in one gadget-loving package. Writer, photographer, chef, and aspiring artist.