Inbox Zero is about process. Here is mine

Kara Monroe
13 min readAug 26, 2022
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I learn so much from reading other people’s processes for dealing with problems. I love to read a process and see what resonates with me. If it resonates with me, I will often self-experiment to see if it works for me too. Hence, I’m sharing my process for consistently clearing my inbox — now for more than two months — the first time in history I’ve been able to keep my inbox clean and feel on top of that beast, WITHOUT it being drudgery and hard.

What tools do you need to make my system work?

  1. An email account. I’m using gmail for both my business and personal emails and I use this same process for both email accounts.
  2. A to-do list app that allows you to forward items to it by email. I use TickTick, but this will also work in Todoist, Team Nirvana, and more.
  3. A “read it later” app that allows you to forward items to it by email. I use the new Readwise Reader which will soon go to public beta but Instapaper and Pocket will also work for this.
  4. A calendar.
  5. You may want a note-taking tool like Evernote, Notion, Roam Research, Ample Note, or Obsidian. Regardless, you need a place where you keep notes for each current project.

Do the prep work



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