My Book and Content Rating System

Bringing Consistency to My Content Reviews

Kara Monroe
12 min readNov 25, 2023
Photo by Mariia Zakatiura on Unsplash

When I first stumbled across Anne Bogel’s website and bookish empire, I loved the idea that she has created a “reading life”. Over the last few years, I’ve gently grown my own reading life by adding in things like:

  • diversifying and decolonizing my bookshelves
  • drawing inspiration to broaden my reading life through a wide array of reading challenges
  • embracing my library
  • enjoying audio books more
  • sharing as many book recommendations and reviews with people as I can

I’m beginning to think about my 2024 reading life goals. Most important, is I want to consume more quality content. I also want to continue adding structure that helps me assess and improve my reading life. Top of mind for me are three things in those assessment and quality goals:

  1. Developing a content rating system/framework that accounts for the wide array of content I consume
  2. Developing (and using) a set of core content — things that constantly bring me joy and help me embrace growth and healing
  3. Using a digital reading journal/notebook



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