My June 2023 Reading Roundup

Kara Monroe
8 min readJul 18, 2023
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Welcome back to another monthly reading roundup. I’m wrapping up June and yet it’s mid-July! July is jam packed and so I’m not going to do a roundup for July because I’m simply not finding much time to read. I have some vacation time at the very end of the month so hopefully I’ll get back to reading at that point. If you want to read past roundups, here is the one from April/May which also includes links to everything back to January!

Let’s dive into the recap of June.

Reviewing my June goal

My goal in June was to read 20 minutes a day. Reading for 20 minutes a day every day in June aligned with the Indianapolis Public Library’s annual summer reading challenge! Many days it was easy to blow away that goal between listening to an audio book while driving or walking my dog Kona or reading on my own. I racked up serious reading minutes in June! It was wonderful. I truly want more months like this.

Here is what I read and listened to.

The Other Einstein

🎧 Listened via Libby app.

Author: Marie Benedict

Why did I read it?: My college statistics professor recommended it the last time we had lunch. I tried reading it digitally and didn’t actually like it. Listening was perfect.

The way this story originated is lovely. Author Marie Benedict said in an interview that she hadn’t given much thought to Albert Einstein’s wife until she happened upon a children’s book that mentioned Einstein’s first wife Mileva Maric.

While The Other Einstein is crafted as a work of fiction, the story depicted in it was meticulously researched using actual letters between Mileva and her well known husband. Einstein is depicted in most popular press as jovial and with that “nutty professor” type of vibe. What we often forget is when that nutty professor has others in their life those others often get swept aside.

I ended up enjoying this book but would only recommend it to the most diehard of my science nerd friends or those who really love stories of conflict between a husband and wife.

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