The C Word Enters My Life

Kara Monroe
7 min readOct 9, 2023

Warnings and Disclaimers

Welcome. My name is Kara. Usually I write about PKM, Obsidian, Productivity and other topics I love. However, life happens and I need to write about that too.

This is the first in what I plan to be a series of articles about my journey with endometrial cancer. I am writing openly and honestly about this subject because women’s health — even in the 21st century — is still not taken seriously — even sometimes by the women themselves. I also have found the lived experience of others to be helpful, and so if my story can be helpful to share with someone else, I’ll share it loud and proud.

Before you read on, I’m going to speak openly and honestly, from my lived experience, about female anatomy, actual things women face, and medical treatments and conditions. If this makes you uncomfortable, please read some of my other writing. My newsletter would be great for you.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the most immediate events that brought us to the C word.

I turned 49 years old on October 8, 2023. This birthday was one unlike any other — or at least I hope it’s unlike any other. For this birthday, the thing that topped my list was to NOT have cancer. I didn’t get what I asked for. Instead, I got an official diagnosis just three days before my birthday.

The Diagnosis

If you follow my newsletter, you know in late September 2023, I went to the ER after nearly passing out. The date was September 20, and I passed out due to heavy vaginal bleeding, which caused anemia. The anemia — which I’ve suffered with before in previous battles with my uterus — probably (hopefully) saved my life. Had I not passed out, I might have continued to ignore the messages my body was sending me and not sought medical treatment right away.

While in the ER, they performed blood work, urinalysis, and an internal and external ultrasound. A gynecologist I’ve worked with before was consulted and changed out my hormone pill to try to slow/stop the bleeding, I was put on iron for the anemia, and sent home with direction to follow up with the GYN office.

On September 25, I saw the GYN, and she wanted to perform a D & C in the office to collect samples. I…



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