Three Approaches to Task Management in Obsidian

Kara Monroe
9 min readJul 1, 2022

I am falling more in love with Obsidian every day. It has really helped me organize my thoughts and increase my productive output. I’ve also been using it for task and project management. Today, I want to share three different approaches you can take, along with some pros and cons for each, to task management in Obsidian.

Approach 1: Core Features Only

Without adding any plug-ins or additional applications, you an manage projects and tasks in Obsidian. Obsidian’s markdown allows you to type dash, space, left bracket, space, right bracket and it will create a check box.


With just this feature and the inline search feature (query) of Obsidian you can pull together a completely functional task management system.

I’ve created a simple test vault (a collection of Obsidian files) that contains two sample task lists and a page with queries on it. On the two task pages, I’ve used a bit of syntax to demonstrate some of the ways you could make this system work for you.

Here is note 1

And here is Note 2



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